Thursday, 29 November 2012

Montrealers don't know sales

Hello everyone! Have you shopped the Thanksgiving sales?

Canada generally follows the European tradition of having season sales after Christmas. Since the onset of the economic crisis, which has brought about more competition from across the US border, stores in Canada had to change their sales calendar to best compete for the same pool of cash-stripped customers. In the past three years, sales have begun earlier and earlier. This year, Holt Renfrew begun a 40% "pre-sale" of Fall merchandise last Thursday, the same day as American Thanksgiving. Many other stores have done the same. Even the stores who had not planned to, last Sunday were having "one day only" special deals.

As I was feeling quite "blah" last weekend, I tried to beat the blues by checking out the sales downtown and possibly score a new pair of winter boots. What was I thinking? The stores were packed with customers who obviously don't know what a good sale is. Holt Renfrew pre-sale applied to such a small selection of merchandise that looking for the right rack was almost like a treasure hunt. In most other places, the highest markdown was 30 percent. I mean, it barely covers the taxes! Since I had urgently to buy winter boots (it was supposed to start snowing today!), I swallowed my customer pride and profited of 20%-off for the faithful pair of Pajar boots that I buy every other year. As happy as I am that I did so, since today it started snowing indeed, I cannot help but drool for the amazing discounts across the border...

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