Friday, 30 November 2012

How long is your Christmas gift list?

Hello everyone! Have you started making Christmas lists?

It seems that it is the only thing most people are doing or thinking about these days. This is why I got curious about how many people you are getting presents for. There are obviously those for whom budget is not a constraint, like a woman I recently saw at the Gucci store in Holt Renfrew (I was window shopping, of course). She had a long paper list and she was getting gifts at Gucci for all those people (yes, I was tempted to ask whether she could have squeezed in one more person...).

My husband and I are quite budget-conscious but that is not the main driver of our gifting choices. For my son, for instance, we cap the number of gifts to three, because he receives quite a few little presents and many books throughout the year, from either us or our relatives from overseas (we got two sets of those!). For our families, we do not have the tradition to mail presents to Europe, and we exchange gifts only if we actually meet them during the holidays. In our university departments there is no custom of exchanging gifts with colleagues, and we buy gifts only for our closest friends. This means that my gift list is quite short! How about you? I'd love to hear.

P.S. Don's you love the personalized Santa sack pictured above?

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