Friday, 19 October 2012

Pregnancy Style Diary, Week 21 | Less is more

Hello everyone! Are you curious to read the latest chapters in my pregnancy style diary?

As I am turning 21 weeks, I am surprised about the fact that I feel more glamourous than usual. I totally attribute this feeling to the careful and constant editing that my closet is undergoing due to my ever-chaging size (talk about getting bigger faster during a second pregnancy!). What I keep thinking about is Dana's post about taking her kids' toys away in the attempt of making them more self-conscious about tidying up. Her experiment had the unexpected consequence that the kids were happier, playing more with each other, and not asking for their toys back. "It seems that the toys were holding them back," she wrote. This is how I feel now about my closet.

I learnt that purging and editing are two different things. Generally, every season or so, I try to discard items I no longer wear, and keep everything else on display. It seems all those clothes hanging in my overstuffed closet were holding me back. Now the constant editing makes it easier to get dressed in the morning because all pieces fit together and can be mixed-and-matched effortlessly (said from someone who sucks at mixing-and-matching I consider it a big accomplishment). I will make sure to keep this valuable lesson in mind even after the baby comes...

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Photo: Brightest Young Things'  Emily Wall editing her closet down to one rack.

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