Saturday, 17 November 2012

Pregnancy Style Diary, week 25.2 | Damage report

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! If you would have to identify the key pieces of your pregnancy's last trimester, what would they be?

I have taken an extremely minimalist approach to this pregnancy when it comes to clothing. I was lucky, because I sailed through the first trimester in my own summer dresses, the few pairs of jeans I tweaked into maternity style lasted until a few days ago, my new favorite ruched dress had approximately the same lifespan, and I could fill the gaps with my own clothing. So far. Now my closet looks more like the leftover rack of a successful sample sale than the carefully edited selection it was just three weeks ago.

In fact, today I did just that: I moved the few items of clothing that still fit me onto one small rack. They are:
  • 3 pairs of maternity jeans
  • 1 pair of dressy maternity trouser jeans
  • 2 long sleeves dresses (one of which is at the end of its rope, so to speak)
  • 3 sweaters (one of which I will have to discontinue in a week or so)
  • 1 evening sweater
That's when I began drawing a plan about how to dress for the remaining 3 months of this pregnancy, and when all those articles and blog posts about "wardrobe basics" came to mind. Stay tuned.

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