Saturday, 17 November 2012

Pregnancy Style Diary, week 25.1 | Puffer time

Hello everyone! Have temperatures dropped where you live?

In Montreal the winter is gradually seeping in. So far, I have been able to rely on my trusted Aspesi light puffer, which has somehow been able to bend a few law of physics and accommodate my belly in its size 4. Time has come to retire it though, as I fear that the zipper may soon give up.

I am not one of those people who can go through the Canadian winter with just a coat, so puffer shopping, here I come. Unfortuntely, choices are limited. In fact, they seem to boil down to one of two alternatives: the M coat (pictures above), or a cheap polyester variety.

The M coat seems quite promising: it is a down puffer (read: warm), comes in an array of colors, and can be adjusted from pre- to during to after-pregnancy. As my mom correctly pointed out when I tried it on, the pregnancy version is quite ugly though. The price tag is also close to 500$, definitely more than I am wiling to invest for the last three months of my (probably) last pregnancy.

Today I thus took a trip to my closest Winners. I found a great-looking, 100% down puffer in 2 sizes larger than my usual one for 150$. It is slightly big on the shoulders, but who cares?

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