Saturday, 15 December 2012

Pregnancy Style Diary, week 29 | Maternity pants are out

Hello everyone! Did you wear pants until the end of your pregnancy?

I honestly do not remember what happened during my first pregnancy, as in general I have little recollection of what I wore then -- just a general feeling of discomfort and bad clothing.

This time around, I am paying more attention to my pregnancy style, and so far I thought I was overall doing pretty well in spite of (many) ups and downs. Just three weeks ago I had stocked up in few basics  that I believed were going to make me sail through the end of my last trimester. Wasn't I mistaken. In the past few days, I had to retire the two pairs of maternity pants in the lot. The thing is (or so I think) that I am carrying quite low, so the maternity band keeps sliding off my belly and hurts when I am sitting down, especially if I am driving.

I will not begin to tell you how upset I am about it as I am not sure that just buying yet again a larger pants' size would fix the problem for very long. My plan is thus to hold on until early January, when hopefully I will be able to score a couple of sweater dresses at good prize with the after-Christmas sales. Let's hope this time they will last longer than three weeks...

P.S. I think that there is definitely nothing to celebrate about this latest twist in pregnancy wardrobe, but I fell in love with the cupcake topper picture above (via Pink Cake Box). Wouldn't it be perfect for a baby shower?

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