Friday, 14 December 2012

Love the place you shop: Club Monaco

Hello everyone! Remember how I was searching for good-quality knits that could accommodate my bulging belly?

Today I decided to try one of my favourite stores for knitwear: Club Monaco. I was not disappointed! Although Club Monaco can be quite expensive compared to other chains such as Banana Republic or Ann Taylor, I think that it carries the best knitwear. I am especially a fan of their merino wool sweaters, who never pile and last forever.

This time I paid more attention to sweater dresses, and there was such a great selection to choose from! I went home with a navy blue sequined dress to wear for Christmas and New Year's Eve, with a chunky cream sweater for lounging at home or going holiday shopping, and with two white silk tees for layering. I also could not resist the temptation of the Erickson Beamon for Club Monaco collection. Don't you think this cocktail ring is stunning? There was so much more I had my eyes on though... maybe I will make one more trip :)

P.S. As you may have noticed from this post's title, I let myself be inspired by Gabrielle's successful "Love the place you live" series to start this "Love the place you shop" series. I have been thinking about it since this blog's first anniversary. Then I had asked a few mom friends what kind of information they thought this blog was missing. My Canadian friends all said the same thing: information about where best to shop. I can relate to that: not being from Montreal, I find it difficult to find the right stuff, especially at good prices. Compared to the US, where I lived for ten years, shopping in Montreal is less standardized -- more boutiques, less malls, less department stores, virtually no internet shopping (in fact, if you live in Quebec you cannot even have access to Club Monaco's website above!). Boutiques often carry an eclectic mix of brands with very limited inventory. Hence the idea for this series. I hope fashionable moms in Canada and elsewhere will find it a useful resource, and I am looking forward for you to share your favorite shopping spots!


  1. What a great idea for a series!

    And I'm a big Club Monaco fan too. : )

  2. Thanks Gabrielle! Any favourite shopping place you's like to share with us?


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