Sunday, 23 December 2012

Pregnancy Style Diary, week 30 | Old habits die hard

Hello everyone! Did you remember how I thought I had to discontinue pants for the remainder of my pregnancy?

As a pant lover, and a practical person, I just could not do it. Temperatures can be very low in January, and I just did not see myself venturing outside with just a pair to stockings. This is why today I took a trip far out of town to charming Pointe-Claire (not the mall, the actual village) and checked out Mama Mia Maternité. (My official excuse was that in the nearby mall I could stock up on the Belgian chocolates my husband loves, and add a few mugs to my holiday collection of dinnerware by Villeroy & Boch).

Mama Mia is the maternity store I liked the most so far (you may remember I am not a big fan of the category). The price point is just right, and the store is the only one in Montreal to carry the British brand Seraphine, which fits exactly my taste: simple, subdued, and classy. I picked up a beautiful and extra-comfortable grey ruched tee as well as a grey ruched dress adorned with three pearl buttons in the back. I also found a black pair of skinny pants for only 35$ on sale! The drive exhausted me, but I went home happy.

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