Saturday, 22 December 2012

The simplified holiday party

Hello everyone! Planning a lot of parties this holiday season?

More and more moms, from Joanna to Raleigh-Elizabeth, seem to embrace a simplified approach to holiday entertaining.

For Italians, the Christmas season is all about the food: serving a delicious, homemade, eight-course meal, washed down with the appropriate wine selection. My mom always used to throw a big Christmas Eve dinner that was exactly that -- yet I could not catch more than a glimpse of her behind the kitchen door in these occasions.

Food remains an important part of my own holiday tradition, and I could not bring myself to just eat soup on Christmas Eve, but I simplify in other ways. At all our parties, we serve two types of tartines: salmon and shrimp cocktail. If I am pressed for time, I throw a cocktail party (rather than a formal dinner) and I order sushi. I also keep a couple of panettoni in the house for unexpected holiday visitors.

This is thus my advice: identify what is important to you, and stick to it. We are all busy. We all need a break. The best gift we can give to ourselves, and our families, is to cut ourselves some slack.

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Photo: Smart woman.

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