Monday, 10 December 2012

The simplified gift guide: Hubby dearest


Hello everyone! Do you think it is easy or difficult to get presents for your hubby?

I find it quite hard not to fall into the sweater-or-tie trap, or to be inventive if I decide to go down that road. In the past few years my husband has made my life easy, because he has asked me for a specific thing he really wanted, and I could make a surprise out of the other ones. This is thus my best advice: listen to the hints (or out loud requests) that your hubby may drop along the way. If he is not a man of many words, however, read on.

I did a small survey of my hubby and a few of my friends' hubbies, and the consensus is: do not go for the sweater (or the clothing, ever*), and stick to their hobbies. Big plus if the hobby-related gift is an activity that hubby can do with the kids, because the top New Year's resolution of all worked-out dads is to spend more time with them. My best guy friend expanded a bit and suggested one of the three foolproof gifts that follow: booze (weather a good bottle of Scotch or Port wine), a watch (don't you love the Moschino one pictured above?), or the newest gadget (this year, definitely the iPad mini, that I even considered for myself -- more on this later). I am sold to this list because at least one of these gifts would make happy most of the guys I know. I hope you are too!

* I am sure that, had I asked to the husband of my mother-of-two Italian best friend, the answer would have been different, because Italian guys love their clothing...

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