Monday, 10 December 2012

The not-so-much rain boot

Hello again everyone! Did you read yesterday's post about being stylish in the cold?

As I mentioned then, temperatures here in Montreal have been quite mild. Today, however, the weather has officially decided to go full-scale wacko, so we had snow last night, rain and pus temperatures in the morning, freezing rain and almost -10 degrees Celsius about now, and we expect this yoyo to continue through the rest of the week.

For me, this means that my new winter Pajar boots and their fur lining are quite an overkill at the moment. I thus took advantage of a quick morning trip downtown to check out rain boots. Of course I already own a pair. It is a moss green pair with pink flamingos that I bought about eight years ago at J Crew. Of course I would never wear it to go anywhere but in my back garden.

Rain boots, let's face it, are ugly. Even the Jimmy Choo for Hunter collaboration a few years ago did not produce, in my view, a stylish pair, in spite of the price tag. What I have always been looking for is a pair of rain boots that does not look like they are made of rubber in spite of being waterproof, and that has a narrow, flattering toeline. Enter Däv. If you are not convinced by how great these completely waterproof boots look in the picture, or by their ultra soft fleece lining (because, to tell you the truth, wellies suck also because they keep your feet frozen), check out their price tag... This morning I scored a phenomenal pair of black moto boots for 65 CAD, and it wasn't even a sale.

P.S. If you are looking for good deals on winter designer boots, you may want to check out today's special over at the Outnet.

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