Saturday, 19 January 2013

Itching for post-pregnancy clothing

Hello everyone! Did you ever get the itch for post-pregnancy clothing while you were expecting?

These days it keeps happening to me. Last week, I was wondering around Outremont and I fell in love with a nude and yellow neon dress from Nanette Lepore's SS12 collection, which was marked 70 percent off. (I ended up not buying it just because the price tag, once the taxes were included, was still steep for a dress from last season). Zara's prices were more forgiving, and yesterday I came home with this grey blazer with leather sleeves, which I know will become a staple in my closet. Today, Bedo's even lower prices sent me home with this burgundy leather skirt -- the perfect shade and cut, which I had been looking for since two years ago.

Now I just need to figure out how to shed the baby weight quickly and fit into these clothes...


  1. Post pregnancy is sometimes upsetting. It was really frustrating after giving birth because the clothes i used to wear before pregnancy wouldn't fit anymore, so i had to buy some new clothes and alter some of the pregnancy clothes i have. Those outfits look beautiful by the way.


  2. Thanks Angel! Post-pregnancy style is indeed challenging, as I am discovering right now...

  3. Oh yes i can't wait to give birth and wear my old clothes but i wonder if they will still fit me. I gained weight so i'm not sure about it. I love the skirt by the way.


    1. My old clothes still not fit me now that the baby is three months old -- follow the chronicles in our post-pregnancy style series:


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