Sunday, 20 January 2013

On my mind

Hello everyone! I'll be honest, there is not much space in my mind lately except for getting myself and the house ready for the baby... here are the other highlights!

Motherhood as a residency (Photo: What do we do all day). Makes perfect sense when I 
think about it: the endless hours, lack of sleep, multitasking (via Koseli).

A tough-chic look I am totally drawn to (especially the silver shoe accent) via All Things Stylish.

More beautiful shots by Yvonne Koné. I. Love. Them. All.

Sharon Montrose's pink Flamingo, a reminder to find balance with your emotions and 
to contemplate the types of relationships in your life. Would make a perfect Valentine's 
Day gift (I hope hubby is reading this).

New Year's resolutions. Better late than never.

Color-coordinating your hat and your handbag (via Jak and Jil). Ultra classy.

This apartment -- the kitchen! the linving room! the palette! (via Erica), which has prompted 
an insane obsession for vintage Heames chairs and Bein Ourain rugs.

Paris, because of the picture above (remember when I was in the exact same spot at the 
Orangerie last year?) and this video

At the top of my ultimate wishlist (via Garance).

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