Monday, 7 January 2013

Memories from the Christmas break

Hello everyone! Did you have a nice Christmas break?

We had some great family time, playing scrabble and Mario Bros (thank to the new pink Wii remote that Santa brought), watching movies, and drinking hot chocolate, especially in the couple of days following Christmas when we got snowed in. I just wish I could have gone more outside with my husband and my son, enjoying the winter as we normally do. My favorite day was yesterday: the Befana in Italy, the Epiphanie in France and the Three Kings celebration elsewhere. This year we got to eat the real King's cake (remember how last year in Italy we made our own?). It is one of my favorite cakes ever, and it is baked and sold only on this day.

I hate myself for admitting it, but a part of me is relieved that my son went back to school today. If I would follow Kristin's post-holiday analysis, I would tell you exactly what has not worked: two weeks of cooking and cleaning and entertaining a 6-years old without household help. I will never forgive my cleaning lady for going MIA from December 26 until today without warnings or explanations, and replacing her before the baby comes is my top priority...

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