Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Pregnancy Style Diary, week 33 | The last rack, or so I thought

Hello everyone! When did you stop buying maternity clothing?

This pregnancy has thought me how unpredictable pregnancy-related weight gain can be. In fact, I stopped weighting myself because the thought of how am I going to lose all these extra pounds and fit back into my regular clothes is making me hyperventilate at this point. :(

I took this picture last Sunday, and I thought that it was it -- the last styling rack. I was particularly proud to have added to it my mom's vintage Valentino floral blouse (part of the stock that I have inherited from her but that it has always been too big for me), and the few things I had picked up during my trip to Mama Mia before Christmas. I was mistaken.

As of today, I had to retire quite a few things from this rack. The puffer I have been sporting so far has also become so tight on my belly that cannot be zipped any more. Hence the dilemma: to buy more maternity clothing for my remaining eight weeks, or not to buy? I will keep you posted....

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