Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Pregnancy Style Diary, week 34 | Embracing the bump, aka the power of new clothes

Hello everyone! Can you believe I am already 34 weeks?

As my "last" styling rack lost pieces faster than I could put it together, the next seven weeks were looking gloomy. I thus decided to forget about the fact that whatever I buy now I will wear for a short amount of time and I headed back to Apso Bibi (which I had discovered around 26 weeks while I was looking for basics).

I discovered that one of the few advantages of ballooning in mid-winter and six weeks away from your due date is that stores are at the last markdown of the winter sales. In Montreal, this would not be cause of excitement if you were shopping for regular clothing (remember this post?), but as it turns out is great news if you are shopping for maternity clothing. Maternity stores obviously do not have the same turnaround as regular stores, nor brand exceptions. Anything goes.

My outing thus turned into a big shopping spree, which included a new puffer (yes, it was time), dress, and top+skirt separates, all for less than 400$. Had I had any occasion to wear it, I would have also bought More of Me's Addison dress, which I had been lusting over since Pregnant Fashionista featured it last Fall.

Aside from providing me with wearing options for the new few weeks, I would have never thought that the expedition would have been so uplifting for my mood. We can all agree that maternity clothing is not designer, but as I walked out of the store in my new, finally fitting, puffer, while carrying my giant shopping bag full of new clothes I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. If I had any doubt about making this purchase because of the short time remaining of this pregnancy, it would have been worth it just because of this reason.

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