Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Ready to hibernate, hopefully

Hello everyone! What have you been up to so far in 2013?

I have not had much time for blogging because I am really busy bee lately. The baby is due in six weeks and I still have so much to do! A series of posts about getting ready for a baby is coming, so stay tuned...

There are other issues related to the baby's arrival that are keeping me occupied though. The weather could be quite cold after the baby's birth, and I will not have access to our only car then because my husband needs to drive my son to school early in the morning. Therefore I have been preparing for the possibility of being stuck inside the house for a few weeks, which feels like an hibernating of sorts.

On this front, at least, I am done. I activated a Nespresso membership -- and realized that it maybe convenient, in spite of the shipping charges, because of how expensive parking downtown is (but then again: coffee home delivery means giving up the pleasure of impulse pistachio macaron purchases and window shopping at Holt Renfrew...). After a day of grooming, my white hair is safely hidden under a new layer of Inoa's color, my nails are manicured, my toes are pedicured, and my brows are trimmed. All future beauty appointments have also been scheduled. My magazine subscriptions are pouring in, and Amazon should shortly deliver a few books I am hoping to catch up with (never give up hope even when a newborn is in the picture). Anything else you think I maybe forgetting?

P.S. Since last Fall, this fearless squirrel has been hanging outside our kitchen window, sometimes even trying to get inside the house. As much tenderness his cute looks inspire (especially for my son), we never encouraged him for fear more animals would come and visit us (we already have a big raccoon problem). Nonetheless, on Christmas Day we gave him a few nuts (it was Christmas, right?), and I took advantage of his stillness to take this picture...

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