Thursday, 7 March 2013

Dresses are not breastfeeding-friendly

Hello everyone! Did you wear dresses when you were breastfeeding?

When I was pregnant, dresses have been the most comfortable clothing item I wore, no matter in what trimester (evidence here and here). It was also the item I have not felt too guilty to invest on because I thought that they were going to be the best fall-back option after the baby's birth, when my belly was not yet back to its usual size and shape.

Yet I had forgotten about breastfeeding. If you need to be able to nurse on the go, the last thing you want to do is to wear a dress, no matter how long your nursing cover is (like the one I recently purchased).

There are, of course, dresses made especially for nursing. I have tried several on and I have not yet found one that does not have a funny opening (I am looking at you side-opening dress), is not high-waisted (honestly, who wants to still look pregnant when they are nursing? Post-baby all you want is something that sucks in that baby belly, yes?), and more generally is not ugly looking.

Dresses are out for me, for at least three months. My wallet is thankful, because I would have never resisted the temptation of this Issa dress for Spring.


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