Saturday, 9 March 2013

Getting nowhere

Hello everyone! Did you have a good week?

In the past few days, I have been going out more and more, so I had to start tackling the sticky issue of post-pregnancy clothing. I begun with a trip to newly-opened The Want Apothecary, one of my favorite nearby stores. I should say I actually ran there after reading Paula's post, which had me convinced that ACNE's Skin 5 jeans could have been my Holy Graal as well. Unfortunately that was not the case -- unless I had been willing to buy and tailor a pair four sizes larger than my regular one (and psychologically I could just not bring myself to do that). Trips to GAP, Zara, Club Monaco, Topshop, and TNT (the latter being another one of my favorite local stores) ensued as I continued searching for something that would fit me and my budget, and which I will not regret purchasing if (as I hope) it gets discontinued by the summer once I get back into my pre-pregnancy clothing.

These trips led to three bags full of knits and jeans, which I reviewed cool-eyed this morning. Club Monaco did not disappoint, and the two merinos round-necks I purchased will be one of my staples (and, since they are not too baggy in spite of being a size large, I may even be able to wear them after I shed the baby weight). Topshop was a let down, but I am utterly in love with this baby blue cotton oversize sweater, clearly inspired by ACNE's oversize sweater with zipped back, but less chunky and baggy (and much cheaper, obviously, all winning points for me!). Bottoms were a total failure, however. When I tried them on again I could not understand why I purchased the pair of AG jeans I came home with after a one-hour long session at TNT. The waist cuts my soggy baby belly in the wrong place, and creates an ugly muffin top. That turned out to be the problem with the jeans I got from GAP and Zara as well. 

I am actually considering to follow a friend's advice and turn my attention to skirts. I am awfully bummed that this Dries Van Noten plaid number is already sold out...

Photo: Topshop.

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