Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I retired my maternity clothing and I am not happy about it

Hello everyone! When did you retire your maternity clothing?

For me, that moment came last weekend. As you may remember, I have not gone out much since my baby boy was born. (In fact, I am glad I had prepared for hybernating in advance, as those home coffee deliveries have been a life saver.) Temperatures are rising though, and even if it is still winter and we are buried under the snow, at the end of last weekend I felt ready to leave the nest. My husband took me and our baby boy out for lunch while my son was in school, and that was an eye-opener. I felt I could do it. In fact, I had not felt so energized since before I got pregnant.

As my husband put it, I was on a roll. Later that day, the three of us went to a reception for the launch of a new research centre at nearby McGill University. On Saturday, we all walked my son to his science class, and then went to visit our closest friends for dinner and a playdate. Sunday was lunch and swimming at our gym, which gave me the opportunity to catch up on my fashion reading while the baby was sleeping.

This flurry of activities made it imperative to assess my wardrobe, which was not a happy experience. The main reason is that I have gained quite bit of weight during this pregnancy. I always thought that the maternity clothing I invested in towards the end would help me through the first few months, but it turned out I was mistaken. Maternity clothing is designed to accommodate comfortably a growing belly, and it is thus ill-suited to conceal your overblown bits after the baby is born. In fact, as I discovered, maternity wear may exacerbate the problem of larger-than-normal hips and soggy bellies. Bottoms, especially if equipped with a band, will let your belly stick out even more loosely, while the extra fabric of side-expanding tops will hang oddly once your bun is out of the oven.

Hence the search for appropriate post-pregnancy clothing is on...

Photo: Toast tin trunks via Babyccino Kids Blog.

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