Friday, 1 March 2013

The new-mom essentials

Hello everyone! Are you a first-time mom?

As a new mom, it is likely you need everything. I hope you find my advice useful when deciding what is really essential, aside from the obvious car seat-stroller-crib trio.

Clothes should be the first item on your list. Although it may be tempting, do not go overboard because babies grow really fast during their first year. You should have at least three bodysuits (short or long-sleeves, depending on the season) in a "infant" or "1 month" size. Even babies who are born full-term will generally be too small for larger sizes. With my son I had bought everything in a "0-3 months" size and he was swimming in them for the first month of his life. In fact, my mom had to run to the store to get something he could wear!

Blankets and burp cloths are not as essential as you would think, especially the latter. A couple of blankets could come in handy for swaddling...

Whatever your room decor, make sure you have a good diaper genie! It is one of those things that it is better not to put on your baby registry, because you'll need it right from the beginning :)

Last but not least, I would invest in a good sterilizer and in a set of baby bottles. This is not because I am advocating bottle- over breastfeeding, but for two important practical reason. First, breastfeeding may not work for you right away. (I know a lot of moms who had a rough start and pumped at the beginning, to then continue breastfeeding until their child was 2!) Second, the sterilizer will come in handy for pacifiers and other bits, and you'll need the bottles by the time you start weaning your child anyway.

There! Did I leave anything out?

P.S. Here is a brief history of baby basics, in case you are interested.

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