Monday, 11 March 2013

Monday style rethink

Hello everyone! Ready for the new week?

I felt so energized this morning, possibly because of my week-long commitment of getting back in sync with my closet and body image.

To keep with the goal of getting my diet under control, this morning I started by drinking a giant glass of water when I woke up. I limited the coffee intake to three cups during the whole day, and ate sweets only for breakfast. I cannot say I felt much less bloated in the evening, but I think it is a start -- considering I will not be able to properly diet as long as I am breastfeeding.

Today's larger goal was to rethink about how to dress. I realized my mistake is to think as if I am still a size 4, which is obviously not the case. The challenge is that I am a structured dressing kind of girl (a trait surely inherited from my mother and that Naj Oleari skirt suit she put me in for my 12th birthday party). Think tailored pants, structured blouses and dresses, tight-fitting jackets, and tailored pants. In order to cover up the overflowing bits around the waist and the hips I have right now, I need to rather embrace the laid-back style of flowy tops and relaxed pants, which I am not so good at. In other terms, I need to become one of those cool moms I often envy -- those women who can rock anything by Isabel Marant and whatever new French label they just discovered "on their latest trip to Paris".

This is my inspiration: the team of Vogue Paris as portrayed in net-a-porter's latest Edit. With it in mind, this morning I headed to Holt Renfrew, searching for soft silk blouses and mid-waist skinny jeans. I came home with a great pair of J Brand jeans, and a flowy cream Vince blouse I scouted at the back of the clearance rack. I also scored a great navy blue spring coat. The best part? Except for the jeans, everything else is in my usual size!

P.S. Although one would never guess today, Naj Oleari was an upscale clothing brand in the mid-eighties. I still regret giving away the suit.

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