Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The ugly muffin and the jeans that fit


Hello everyone! Just had a baby and looking for a new pair of jeans to wear?

As I discovered that dresses are not breastfeeding-friendly, and I am more of a pants than a skirt person, the first item on my post-pregnancy clothing check list was a pair of jeans (or two).

My first attempt in this quest was disastrous, because all pairs I tried on were too low on the waist and were thus awkwardly accentuating my baby belly (talk about an ugly muffin top...) Yet a few more outings since then have made me a pro of post-pregnancy jeans purchases -- and, more in general, anti-muffin-top jeans styles.

My main discovery is that what you need in this phase is a pair of mid-waist jeans. Here are my top choices:

1) J Brand 8112 mid-rise rail jeans, which I got in Eclipse (and are also available in Dark Vintage; top two pictures). This wash has a characteristically thick fabric that holds in your mid-section quite well.

2) GAP 1969 legging jeans (available in indigo, black, and blue) and boot-cut jeans (available in dark and light blue; bottom two pictures). These are the only two styles of mid-waist jeans available in the 1969 line, and the latter come in both regular (R) and ankle (A) length.

I have also learnt that not all mid-waist jeans are created equal, that is, hit at the right "mid" waist spot. This point crucially depends on your height, so I strongly suggest you try on these styles before clicking on the "purchase now" option for any of the styles above.

I am so happy to finally have jeans that fit me!

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