Thursday, 25 April 2013

Happy Blogiversary!

Hello everyone! Do you know what special occasion we celebrate today?

Today is our second blogiversary! I cannot believe two years have already gone by. You may not remember, but I started this blog on the eve of my sabbatical leave. Little I knew then that, after spending that period in Milan, I would have gotten pregnant and I would have celebrated this milestone with another little one by my side (literally, he is nursing now). I also could have never imagined how rewarding this journey was going to be. Thank you, each and everyone of the 20,000 people who have visited us and read and commented along!

Last year, I celebrated our first blogiversary with a special interview. This year, considering I have my hands full with the arrival of the little one, I mainly worked on the blog's layout. After last year's redesign, I tweaked it a bit by adding a link to my Tumblr feed, Diary of a fashionable mom, and by beginning to add categories (more will follow, so stay tuned). I hope these changes make it easier to navigate the blog and access its content. Yours comments, as usual, are much appreciated!

Photo: Bumpy road to Bubba.

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