Friday, 12 April 2013

Meet my spring makeup friends

Last Friday I braved the morning snow and ensuing rain (I do not want to talk about either of them, because it is APRIL) to go downtown and exchange the jeans I recently got from GAP. The secondary objective of this outing was to freshen up my spring makeup.

I am not exaggerating if I say that I look, well, green. Lack of sun, lack of sleep, lack of pregnancy hormones, lack of commitment on most days. You pick. The results are a dull complexion and those deep, puffy circles under my eyes.

Just a few weeks ago I had vowed to get back in sync with my body image by, among other things, resuming a beauty routine. This has proved the most difficult task on my list because keeping beauty appointments with a seven-weeks old does just not happen. Plus, now that my baby boy spends more time being awake, putting makeup on in the morning feels like trying to disconnect a ticking bomb. This is why Chanel's promise of a healthy glow stroke a cord. I thus took advantage of my outing downtown to pick up the incriminated powder, and in the process I got also a miraculous concealer, a gloss and a eye cream. Even my husband noticed the difference once I got home!

Let's just see how am I able to keep up in putting it on in the morning...

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