Saturday, 18 May 2013

Alt for Everyone: first impressions

Hello everyone! Did you attend Alt for Everyone?

Last month, I posted about my enthusiasm for being able to attend Alt from the comfort of my own home, and that's what has kept me busy in the past couple of days. Literally. As it always happens, this week we have all come down with the flu... I have missed a couple of sessions, but was able to attend the whole Graphic Design for Bloggers series by Laurie Smithwick and the Keynote speech by Joy Cho.

Overall, it was inspiring, and the ultimate multitasking experience. On the inspiration part, many more posts will follow. Let me spend a few words on the latter. Conferences are the bread and butter of academics, and I have attended a fair share. This was my first online conference, and I was blown away. You obviously miss the mingling and connecting part -- my husband, who is also an academic, is  not in favor of online conferences exactly for this reason. For me, right now, with a three-months old baby who is still nursing every few hours and a house to run, this platform was perfect. Boy did I multitask. Today I attended my last session while nursing, then taking care of the baby and cooking lunch!

I am not sure I will make it to Alt NYC, SL or SF (this year they are all sold out already anyway), so I am making a mental note next time I attend Alt for Everyone (because I totally will) to download Silverback rather than just taking screenshots with command+shift+3. :)

P.S. Along the way, I finally discovered where to download this awesome screensaver.

P.P.S. I cannot wait to get my goodie bag! If you are also still waiting for yours, you can get a sneak preview on at least few sites, but my favorite is the one beautifully documented by Diana Elizabeth.

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