Sunday, 19 May 2013

On my mind, Mother's Day edition

Hello everyone! Are you having a good weekend?

I am still high after following Alt for Everyone in the past couple of days. Plus, we have a long weekend (Monday is Canada Day) and the weather is supposed to be beautiful!

Taking advantage of this hiatus, I am catching up with this post, which I had intended for last week. I had a reflective Mother's Day more than a fashion-oriented one. Pardon me if all that has been on my mind has thus to do with parenting and the meaning of motherhood...

Francis and I (Zumba Beach, California, 2012), by photographer Claudia Lucia
She told Real Simple Magazine that "I took this photograph using a tripod when my son 
was three months old. I was so overwhelmed. My life had changed drastically and I wondered 
when it would slowdown. In this image, the ocean is motherhood-vas, engulfing, beyond my 
control. Looking out at it, I am struck by both the challenge and the beauty of parenting. 
Holding my son, taking in his view, I know that everything will be ok."

Another beautiful picture about the bond between mother and child: The Mother's Hand, 
by Antanak Sutkus (1966). I discovered it, and its story, through Swiss Lark, one of the
participants to Alt for Everyone.

What have you learned from your mom (via A Cup of Jo). This post prompted a lot of thinking 
on my part (I told you, I had a reflective Mother's Day, probably the hormones...). My mom and 
I are very, very different people, and with a great deal of sadness I realized that the way I am has 
been defined by not wanting to be like her. As I am writing this I actually realized the most valuable thing I learned from my mom: how to be my own person. Better, I would say how to 
struggle to be my own person, because our differences still are source of endless discussions 
between us, way more often than I'd like.

Great with Child (discovered via A Cup of Jo). It has gone straight on top my reading list.

The idea of a Momtract makes me uncomfortable on a number of levels 
(see above blabbering about me and my mother).

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