Monday, 13 May 2013

Memories from Mother's Day

Hello everyone! Did you have a good Mother's Day celebration?

I had a wonderful, relaxing day filled with love and laughter. I was celebrated with flowers and my first bike (soooo pretty! It makes me want to go for the biking style à la Jane Aldrige, or at least for Loeffer Randall's Rider bag -- if only it would not be sold out in mint, which would match my bike's lemon yellow color and achieve one of my favorite color combination for spring). We braved the chilly weather outside just to go for brunch at our nearby favorite place (but I wore sandals because it is still spring, right?). In the afternoon we had room for homemade gelato nonetheless (more details on this one tomorrow). I had big reading plans, and I am sure you know how it went: I read T Magazine this morning and the book is still unopened. :)

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