Monday, 3 June 2013

Memories from the Ottawa Marathon

Hello everyone! Have you ever been to Ottawa?

This is Gigi. It was my son's school project for last weekend to write a diary of activities he did with Gigi during the weekend, and it worked out great because we were all going to Ottawa. We had already been there several times, the last one a couple of years ago right before our departure to Italy. This time, my husband was running the marathon, and he was so fast that we almost missed seeing him pass by.

Gigi got to see the House of Parliament and discover her heritage at the Museum of Civilization, which remains my top recommendation if you are going to Ottawa with kids. Her outfit was foolproof, mine wasn't. It was so cold, I wished the whole time I had her fur coat rather than the two spring tops I had taken along :)

P.S. Forget the French bakeries in Montreal! We had the best bread ever at Michel's Bakery Café on the ground floor of Rideau Centre, and we took plenty home.

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