Saturday, 29 June 2013

The fortune cookie

Hello everyone! What is the nicest thing you have ever picked up from the street curb?

I confess: I have never done it. Something about not knowing where things are coming from grosses me out a bit. Today, we picked this up though. A nice couple living a couple of blocks away was getting rid of it (why would anyone want to?). It came from their grandmother's house, and when they told me my heart sunk a little, because my beloved grandmother had an incredibly similar piece of furniture that I always wanted to have in my home (but that would be impossible to transport here from Italy). The nice couple promised it to us, and kept their promise even though somebody showed up a few minutes later and offered to pay for it.

I am convinced this is why my fortune cookie today read: "a recent misfortune is just the beginning of your lucky streak."

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