Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bittersweet memories

Hello everyone! We finally got the official pictures of my baby boy's baptism, and I cannot wait to share them. I was a but nervous because we and hired a new photographer, but he did a fantastic job!

The thing is: I had hired a photographer because we do not have some good family pictures, and it was going to be a rare occasion where all our family and friends were going to be together for the event. But. My parents could not come. Three days before the baptism, on the eve of their departure to come to Canada, my mom fell (over the last suitcase she had packed, no less) and broke her elbow. As we fested my baby boy's baptism, she was sitting in a hospital bed waiting to be operated the next day (it was a really, really bad fracture).

I thought long and hard about canceling the whole thing. In the end, I let my mom decide. Of course, she told us to go ahead, that it would have made her feel worse if we would have canceled our plans.

So we went on according to plan. There were these beautiful decorations by Meri Meri, which were kid-friendly but also appropriate for a grown up event. There was the magician who mesmerized the kids no matter of what age. There was the two-tiered beautiful and delicious cake by La P√Ętisserie Guascogne

My heart shrunk a little every time (and there were many) I thought about how much my mom would have liked the party -- even though she probably would have said that there was not enough food :)

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