Friday, 6 September 2013

Memories from a retreat

Hello everyone! What is the most remote place you have been lately?

Last weekend, in occasion of Labor Day, we bid farewell to summer by spending a few blissful days at Lac Sacacomie, thanks to my parents' generous gift for our tenth wedding anniversary.

From the pictures I had seen on the website, I knew that the place was isolated. (The closest town is fifteen minutes away by car.) I had not anticipated that cell phone reception was going to disappear except for a few lucky spots. (Think standing-upside-down-to-get-coverage kind of situation, like in the early days of cell phones). Indeed, the cell phone signal disappeared when we entered the resort's reserve. No wifi anywhere. My husband went on his Sunday run, got lost, and had to hitchhike back to the hotel. (Who does that anymore?)

Somehow it did not even bother me much. The peace was just priceless. (Yes, that's a beaver in the last picture!)

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