Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Look baby, no bag!

Hello everyone! At which point did you ditch the diaper bag?

You know how it goes: the smaller the kids, the more stuff you need to take along. Or you feel you need, because three months come around and you realize that three tubes of diaper rash cream, two empty bottles and five pacifiers are a bit much for a one-hour outing. By five months you also realize that the diaper bag is the only handbag you have been wearing, and you cannot take it anymore (desperate moms of New Jersey, anyone?).

I got to that point as I was planning for our summer trip to Europe. I did not honestly see myself traveling alone with two kids, a stroller, a handbag and a diaper bag. Plus, I knew that once in Italy we would have been close to home most of the time, eliminating the need to carry a diaper bag around. This is why I switched from my beloved diaper bag to Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station. I stuck it under the stroller, and was done with that. (For the plane trip, I had extra diapers and wipes in my carryon).

The designer handbags that had been relegated to the back of my closet thanked me.

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