Monday, 5 August 2013

The 2.0 (ok, maybe just 1.5) version of me

Hello everyone! Do you get to take care of yourself during the summer?

The summer is a pivotal moment for Italian women's body image. Dieting for the "bikini proof" begins right after Christmas, shopping for beach outfits around May. Coming back from the holidays at the end  of August means showing a much improved look, that only begins with a tan.

I left behind all that when I moved abroad, even though I have been spending almost regularly some time at the beach since I left. This year I felt a small pressure to shed some of the baby weight before putting on a bikini, but I quickly let go of it without much regret when I realized it was not going to happen. I just bought a new bathing suit, instead.

Nonetheless, now that we are back in Canada, I feel like I got an unplanned makeover. No, I have not shed any of the baby weight (in fact, I fear the confrontation with the scale thanks to the amazing food I have been eating for the past three weeks). But. I have gotten a new haircut that does not make me look like a desperate housewife (not the glamorous ones from the show, an actually desperate housewife), even if I do not sweat myself sick straightening my hair in the summer heat. I have caught up with the latest fashion, that is, I bought a Hip Hop watch, a pair of Birkenstock, and two Cruciani silk bracelets. I do not need an afternoon nap to make it through the day, even if I am still waking up at least once a night to nurse the baby. I have also bought two decent-looking pajamas, so that I can lounge at home without having to hide under a raincoat to answer the door bell. Last but not least, I got a (mild) tan.

Everything looks better with a tan. I might even delude myself to think that I look thinner.

Photo: Fanpop.

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