Monday, 30 September 2013

Summer recap

Hello everyone! Can you believe it is already the end of September?

I have the feeling that the birth of our second son has dumped us into a time accelerator. The summer? Back to school? When was that?

I feel it is time for a recap. To remember it all happened! (Ok, and to give me the incentive to finish many half-written posts...)

July was our travelling month. I went to visit my parents in Italy with the kids while my husband was away on a business trip. It felt like slipping back in the summers of my childhood. The city (where we spent a couple of overwhelming days upon arrival, and I discovered a few old friends), emptied of women and children who were already vacationing at the seaside. Summer horoscopes in every magazine. Eating fresh mozzarella everyday, and peaches sprinkled with sugar and lemon for dessert. Lazy days at the countryside, our escape from the city's heat for ten days. Rebooting (literally) at the beach. (Musings about food, and, well, more food, but also about the latest summer fashion, followed).

August got busy from the very first day we came back. We had organized my baby boy's baptism for mid-month, so relatives and friends visited us for most of the time. I managed barely to catch up with Elle magazine (and marveled once more at some crazy fashion) while we were away at Mont Tremblant. Thank goodness for the blissful days we spent at Lac Sacacomie during Labor Day weekend.

On the blog front, I retired (at least for now) our On my mind series, in order to invest more on our Tumblr feed. But I am already plotting to bring it back, so stay tuned...

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