Saturday, 28 September 2013

The comfort zone

Hello everyone! Are your kids back in school?

My son started first grade (gulp) yesterday morning. Meltdowns (me) and tears of emotion (my son) aside, I found myself back in the pre-summer baby-and-me routine. I feel like a bad mom to admit it, but I deeply enjoyed today's quiet. I got a lot of stuff done, including beginning to plot a major closet clean-up (more on this later). 

Yesterday I enjoyed a quiet lunch while the baby was sleeping, ad I started catching up with Fall fashion. I thought back about Vogue's editor comfort piece today, as I got excited by not one, but two pairs of flat (even though I had just brought two pairs of my own ballerinas to my local consignment store, at the cry: I prefer kitten heels much more anyway, and they are bad for my resurfacing foot injury). My problem is that I have too many pieces of comfort fashion: shoes, coats, pants.

One pair of flats I ended up buying. How can one turn down a great deal on Balenciaga? I can always return them.

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