Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Blogging Saturday, I mean, Tuesday

Hello everyone! Did you do anything fun during the weekend?

Last Saturday marked my third "me" Saturday. Let me explain. After my older son was born, my husband started running, first recreationally and then training for marathons (you may remember the trips to Ottawa and Florence we took for this reason). His Sunday morning runs have become a stable point of our family schedule.

Paraphrasing Malthus, I discovered that as the number of children increases only in an arithmetical ratio, the hecticness of family life increases in a geometrical ratio. Alias: now that we have a first-grader and a baby I feel completely burned out at the end of the week, and I need time off. Hence the idea of taking Saturday mornings just for me. Originally it was supposed to be a whole morning of blogging (which has become the Cinderella of my weekly activities) over pastries and a cappuccino at our local coffee shop. Grocery shopping had to be squeezed in too, so it shrunk to two hours. So far I have used them as catch-up time for beauty appointments, because the baby has gotten more mobile and takes less naps, and during the week even getting a manicure has become impossible (talk about tick tock).

But. Three weeks in the making, I have gotten through a good third of all posts I had half-written during the summer. The big summer recap is here, as well as the latest crazy fashion and my blog favorites of late. Fall coverage coming soon... who knows? Maybe over a cappuccino.

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