Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Shoe Month Report

Hello everyone! How do you manage your shoe closet?

Shoes are one of those things I am addicted to buying. I have amassed a Spanish Armada of designer shoes bought mainly on sale in stores and online. As it often happens, my last pregnancy has put this army to the test, but not much until recently. Spring around here is short, and the fact that most of my shoes and boots did not fit me after the baby's birth did not matter much as I quickly transitioned to wearing sandals. Summer has been longer than usual, and the shoe issue did not become a real problem until a month ago, compounded with my resurfacing foot injury.

It was time for Shoe Week. I took all my shoes out of storage (I wish I had taken a picture), stored back immediately the ones that did not fit me at all, and took the remaining ones on a road test. It turned out I was missing comfy shoes to be out and about with the baby -- which remains my main occupation even though I went back to work.

A few wrong purchases (and corresponding returns) later, I was back where I started. I thus decided to set off for Holt Renfrew and forget about budget constraints. I needed one pair of everyday shoes. You know what? For once, it turned out they were the cheapest of the bunch. I am now officially in love with Cole Haan's Nike Air technology. Plus, as a owner of Jimmy Choo's black patent kitten heels, I can attest that they look no different that my newly acquired pair of Cole Haan Juliana patent pumps. Do your feet a favor, and get yourself a pair too.

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