Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Love the place you shop, somewhat: Joe Fresh

Hello everyone! Do you know Joe Fresh?

Let me start from the beginning. A couple of years ago, when I read that Joe Fresh opened its first US store on Madison Avenue, my first thought was: "Have I been missing out?". Joe Fresh is, after all, a Canadian label. Up to that point, I knew it as the clothing corner in Loblaws, where I had scored some great thermal underwear for my son a few years prior during an exploratory trip when the brand launched. Nothing else had felt at all inspiring.

On this side of the border, Joe Fresh can now be found within Maxi supermarkets as well as Loblaws. It is a sad, sad place to shop. Think the forgotten corner of a run-down Target. (The "boutique" at Jean Talon market is nicer, but do not expect white interiors and Rothko wall art as, I am told, in the latest store that has opened in NYC.)

Joe Fresh's editing is among the best though. I am staring at their latest newsletter and I am almost convinced that their latest arrivals are indeed runway worthy. As I am rebuilding my closet on a budget, I thus decided to give a try to the brand's cashmere sweaters you have surely come across in Joe Fresh's FW13 ad campaign. I was hoping in a Uniqlo-like experience -- cheap cashmere of great quality. When it arrived in the mail (because, as it turns out, Joe Fresh's cashmere sweaters are sold only online), I fell in love with my pale grey bounty. So soft. No signs of piling even after a full day of wearing. I could envision my fall uniform as a combination of GAP 1969 jeans and Joe Fresh cashmere sweaters.

One wash later, I have to come to terms with the fact that I overpaid. The sweater reconfirmed my initial impression of Joe Fresh: the price-quality ratio of most of its items (including kids' clothing) is not advantageous to the consumer. I doubt I'll buy a second sweater, although I am tempted by their current offer. If you are willing to give it a try, you can take 20$ off your purchase of 100$or more until November 10.

P.S. More great places to shop in the Montreal area here.

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