Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Unpacking CPW

Hello everyone! Have you ever justified a big purchase by telling yourself it was a good investment?

I am all for buying good quality fashion. For me, designer clothing almost always trumps Zara and H&M when the price of the latter is above 100$. Next year, I know I will wonder why did I ever spent 300$ on that Zara coat with no resell value. In contrast, the Max Mara wrap coat I bought three years ago is now the latest fashion (thanks Kim Kardashian). If, and when, I ever get bored with it, I can consign it and get good money in return. 

Resell value is a down-the-line concept that is not attractive to most people though. As prices have kept increasing (especially for "statement" items such as shoes and handbags), magazines and editors alike have rather begun pushing cost-per-wear. 

I thought back about it while I was reading Jo Baker's latest novel. "There could be no wearing of clothes without their laundering." Alias: even that Prada sweater you paid over two grands for will be victim to wear and tear. If in your head you had paid only 62$ per wear to show it off two times a week during four winter months, think again. That means you are spending almost 500$ a month to always wear the same sweater -- even when it will start piling.

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