Monday, 16 December 2013

The simplified gift guide: For the new mom

Hello everyone! Is anyone on your gift list a new mom?

Having a baby does not make you an expert about what every new mom needs. Everyone and their babies have different needs. But if you have ever met another mom, you know that we love giving each other advice, especially about baby gear. Here are thus my top recommendations if anyone on your list just had a baby (I know, mine was born ten months ago already - gulp -, but time flies...): 

A fashionable phone to snap those baby pictures - because she'll have her hands too full to take out the camera, to remember to bring it along, and possibly both.

A fashionable diaper bag - because it will likely be the only bag she will carry for a while. And this diaper clutch, too, for the moment she realises she has indeed carried the above-mentioned bag way too long, and she decides to ditch it.

The closest thing to a PDT (personal digital trainer) - to have the necessary information handy when she decides to tackle that baby weight issue.

Something to remind her of a great piece of wisdom - because one has never enough of that.

P.S. More foolproof suggestions for the grandparents, and for the hostess, the neighbours and everyone with a sweet tooth.

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