Thursday, 30 January 2014

Around my closet having a flashback

Hello everyone! Did you read Monday's post about what has been going on in and around my closet?

As I mentioned there, I have been thinking about starting this series for a long time, and in a response to that post a few people asked why. My two biggest source of inspirations have been the beautifully illustrated series that chronicles the life at Jenny's house, and Of A Kind's 10 things newsletter (if you have not signed up for it, point your mouse here immediately! It is one of the few emails I eagerly wait for to reach my Inbox). I find it is great to have a summary of what's going on with my favourite bloggers' life, so here is my shot to give you a glimpse into mine.

I just came across this draft post from last May, which was supposed to be the first one (aaarghh!). I found myself smiling because since my baby boy's birth last year time has really flown by, so these snippets bring me back to my long gone maternity leave and my early concerns about my post-pregnancy style.

Anyway, this is the flashback to what was going on around my closet then:
  • Fitting again into my Aspesi puffer, perfect for the upcoming soccer season
  • Developing a coffee addiction à la Lorelai Girlmore
I am particularly nostalgic about the Girlmore Girls' reference because that's the one thing I associate with my maternity leave -- while breastfeeding my son during his first few months of life I got to watch the entire series again. Good times.

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