Monday, 27 January 2014

Around my closet in 8 days

Hello everyone! What have you been up to lately besides freezing to death? (If you have been on a beach vacation, please have pity and do not share with us popsicles though)

Last week I did not go to Alt Summit. I had (kind of) made my peace with it even (you may remember it is one of my dreams to attend since I started blogging). But that was before I realized via Gabrielle's Instagram feed that I missed, among other things, the presentation of Garance Dorè. Just one of my favorite fashion bloggers. BIGGIE. So I spent the rest of the week fantasizing about attending Alt Summit in New York (which is much closer to Montreal than Salt Lake City), before my husband crashed that dream too by telling that he is going to a conference every weekend in June.

Anyway, aside from being bummed out about Alt Summit (and let's not even talk about the shmorthex), this is what has been going on in and around my closet last week:
  • Thanks to the latest round of the gastro we all came down with last weekend, feeling like the title of this new book -- which I am most definitely reading next.
  • Getting inspired by Paris Fashion Week about how to wear red and pink for Valentine's Day.
  • Tossing also the second cashmere sweater I got (just because it was on sale) from Joe Fresh, and dropping the moderate tone of my last review: stay away! Their quality is really poor.
P.S. I wanted to start this series since last year but never got around to it… I hope you like it!

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