Friday, 10 January 2014

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

Believe it or not, I started writing this post on Christmas Eve. I wanted to explain to you that I was going to be busy during the break, and thus to wish you Happy Holidays, see you in January. I was so busy that I did not even get around to post the "Sorry I am busy" post.

Here we are. The holidays are over. YESTERDAY I started teaching. Boy, where has last year gone to? Last time I checked I was eight months pregnant, and compulsively eating oranges with balsamic vinegar. Now my younger son is ten eleven months old, and against all odds I have shed most of the baby weight.

My parents have been able to come and spend the holidays with us. Even though my dad strained his back badly at the beginning of January, and my mom has not yet recovered from her broken elbow, they arrived on my birthday and they left three days ago. After almost six months of separation, our family Christmas was a really happy one even in spite of the awful weather, which forced us all inside the house the entire time they were here. Precisely because they were not in full health, I had an increased workload. I did not read books or magazines. I did mountains of laundry. I did not dress up, and most of the time did not get dressed out of my pyjama at all. The baby contributed to the general hectiness by switching to worse and worse sleeping habits.

As we were playing Trivia Pursuit waiting for the new year, I came to the realization of what a mess I am. I can never find my home keys (yesterday I had to go and camp at the nearby Chinese restaurant with the kids while waiting for my husband to get home and open the door for us). I lost my mom's ATM card. Bills have been piling up (did I mention the police stopped me a few days ago because I was a month late renewing my driver's license?).

2014 calls for an intervention. I begun by forcing some structure upon myself. Saturday mornings will be my "me" time to decompress. Mondays will be my stay-at-home days to tackle house projects. Wednesdays will be spent at my downtown office working on a large research project that is due in February. All other days will be my regular working days, which I will try to start with a gym session.

The plan is simple but feels ambitious at the same time. Will I make it?

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