Saturday, 11 January 2014

On the oxygen mask

Hello everyone! How often do you get some time for yourself?

I wish I remember where I read this parenting advice that has really stuck with me. Sometimes, as they instruct you to do on a plane in case of emergency, you got to put on your oxygen mask first, and then help others. Alias: it is ok to take time off to breathe. It makes you a better person and a better parent.

This is what I am reminding myself now that I am sitting at the gym while my baby is at the gym's daycare. On a Saturday morning, after having spent the whole week at his regular daycare, 8 am to 4 pm. I wish I could be a lovely human being during the weekend, and breeze through the mountain of household chores that pile up throughout the week while gracefully entertaining my 7-years and my 11-months old. Truth is: in the past three months I have gotten a three-hours stretch of sleep at best, the demands of my job have been increasing, my husband has been traveling, and I got no holiday refresh. I am EXHAUSTED. As much as I try not to (it is my top New Year's resolutions), I use "the tone" (as we call it) with my son way too much, and for too little things. I am cranky and I get upset at the speed of light.

I need a tank of oxygen. I am just hoping these two hours at the gym will be enough.

Photo: A different perspective by Charles Gullung (via mom filter).

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