Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Off the street

Hello everyone! Have you started following New York Fashion Week?

Maybe I should have asked: have you started following Fashion Week street style? Because, as we all know, the fashion industry has turned street style into a business of its own. I won't deny that I am guilty, too, of drooling over Miroslava Duma's latest ensemble. But in occasion of NYFW I want to draw your attention away from the beaten path, to the rest of my fashion icons, rigorously off the (main) street. 

From the top: Gabrielle Blair, who rocks an amazing jacket at Alt Summit; Joslyn Taylor in one of her deconstructed outfits; one of my favourite ensembles of the blogger behind The Lilac Pages (the one that has made me develop a yet unfulfilled obsession for Maison Scotch); and Sara Strand in the best rendition of the black ankle boots.

P.S. More looks I love on Pinterest.

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