Thursday, 6 February 2014

Happy National Sweater Day!

Hello everyone! Did you know that today was National Sweater Day in Canada?

Every year, WWF-Canada call on Canadians to put on a fun sweater and turn down the thermostats by two degrees Celsius on February 6 to support energy conservation and action on climate change. People can also contribute donations, which show up as "stitches" on the fun sweater posted on the WWF-Canada dedicated website.

Lacking a fun sweater, I celebrated by wearing a grey Equipment cashmere sweater, my latest score in the hunt for cheap-yet-lasting cashmere. Not one, but two debacles with Joe Fresh's cashmere have made me push the envelope a bit -- on the path traced by Garance DorĂ©, no less, who indicated that Equipment could be her sweater dealer.

One wash and not too many wears later, the jury is still out on this one. I will keep you posted.

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