Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Olympics fashion

Hello everyone! Have you been following the Sochi Olympics?

I am not a big sports fan, but I deeply enjoy watching figure skating at the Winter Olympics (do we want to talk about the commanding power of black worn by the Russian couple last week?). I also entertain myself with -- you guessed -- Olympics fashion.

If you feel like supporting this great country, this time you do not have to sacrifice style. Although they have not sold out like some of the pieces from the uniforms designed by Ralph Lauren for the American team, The Hudson's Bay nailed it. I particularly like the absence of giant logos and the sleek appeal of the reversible quilted jacket and the fleece pants, both of which one could wear even after they Olympics are over without seeming ridiculous (plus, they are both reasonably prices at 150 and 60 CAD, respectively).

P.S. My favorite ensembles are Lacoste's uniforms for France though, but maybe because the grey jackets had me salivating... (you know, me and grey).

Photo: The Globe and Mail.

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