Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Around my closet plotting a major redesign

Hello everyone! Do you like our new look?

All that has been going on around my closet lately has overpowered the little stuff going on inside my closet (as the cold weather has kept us stuck in winter time). This is why I chose the picture above for this post. When I saw it on Joanna Goddard's website a few weeks back, I thought: that's me everyday of the week, and twice on Sunday! The picture applies particularly to the past month because the redesign added a new layer to everyday's juggling.

What's new? Well, there is the banner. (I did it myself, I am so proud) Then there is... the portal! From there, you can not only shop my closet but get news updates for the Montreal area (more on this later). There is more about me, too. (In case you are interested).

All comments welcome!

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