Monday, 3 March 2014

Essentials for infant feeding

Hello everyone! Did you make your own baby food when your kids started eating solids?

Baby food has not received the same attention that other baby products have, thanks to Jessica Alba's lobbying when she started The Honest Company. If you have browsed the food isle of your local supermarket, I am sure you know that options for tasty and healthy baby purees are awfully limited. Plus I am Italian, right? I am sure you will not be surprised if I say that I have always made all my baby purees. My husband often teases me because I might even complain about the freshness of the ingredients I use :)

I started weaning my baby boy back in October, and by now he eats pretty much everything. Nonetheless, it is going through the phase when he cannot be trusted to eat enough by himself -- as much as often he refuses to be spoon-fed. Last week was one of those weeks: he was a bit sick, fussy because of a new tooth coming out, cranky because daddy was away... thus not quite hungry. I found myself reaching, again, for my Cuisinart Baby, and I realized how dependent I have been on it in the past six months.

There are a lot of cheaper options out there for baby food makers than the Cuisinart Baby. Last October, before we travelled to Chicago for my husband's marathon, I did an extensive search for one I could take along on the trip (Have you ever tried to travel with a baby who has just started eating solids? Then you know it is the worst stage to travel with them unless you are prepared). The Cuisinart Baby was actually the baby food maker that had the least amount of reviews, but the feedback on the other ones was not completely convincing even at the higher end of the price spectrum. Three days before departure I still had not made up my mind, and I was considering buying jars of baby food once at destination (gulp). I stumbled upon the Cuisinart Baby at a local store and I went for it, reassuring myself that I could have used it as a small food processor if it did not work properly as baby food maker.

I have not regretted that decision once. The Cuisinart Baby is all that it promises, and much more.

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